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USA Domain Hosting – Top 10 best Hosting Reviews

5 Important Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Web Host

Making a decision to choose a web hosting company can be tough, it is like most other things.All the companies out there, who offer to create a web host, each promising with such great features like to have 99% uptime, unlimited resources, and knowledgeable support and many more. But there has to be many way […]

Why You Should Avoid Free Webhosting?

Free Webhosting are cheap. In other words, it is free that is why it is called free web hosting. There are many such free webhosting companies who uses this free model to encourage their premium service. The whole world knows that the reason behind wonderful development of blogosphere is because of the awesome free hosting […]

What is DDoS and How to Protect Your Website?

What is DDoS? DDoS is illegal in some countries like US. Even though one can also discover and purchase services which will perform a DDoS attack against someone’s website. I suggest you that you should never use such type of service. Also, you should report about these attacks to your local police.Not all the web […]

What is SSL?

What is SSL? SSL stand for Secure Sockets Layer. It is the precursor of TLS, Transport Layer Security, but both are cryptographic procedures which are mostly and generally used at the security of communications in computer network. SSL is also used in such other networking sites or functions such as web browsing, faxing, email, VoIP […]

How to Start a Web Hosting Company with a Reseller Account?

The idea of good business is to create a web hosting company with a good reseller host account from a bigger web host company for instance HostGator. According to my experience, you won’t want a lot of money, a big technical group / band or any other resources.Choosing a best reseller hosting is one of […]

WordPress or Blogger: Which CMS is Better?

What is CMS? The CMS stand for Content Management System that is an online software that is user friendly and planned with having one or more of the functions such as: generating a web site, broadcasting, editing and deleting content and creating multiple users to manage the precise website. In this article, we discuss top […]

What is a CDN and Why Should You Use a Content Delivery Network?

What is a CDN?   CDN stand for Content Delivery Network which means it is a globally discrete platform of servers who are responsible for providing a large amount of all the traffic of Internet from the world. Basically, CDN are also offera “hosting for static content” such as CSS, images, JavaScript, etc which also […]

What is a VPN? Why You Should Use a Virtual Private Network?

What is VPN? VPN stand for Virtual Private Network. It is used to help by securing your connection.A VPN will encrypt all the traffic from your device so whenever you are connected to an unsafe Wi-Fi, your traffic is hidden from mean users. Reasons to use VPN: In the previous, VPN were used only for […]

What is cPanel? Why Should You use cPanel Web Hosting?

What is cPanel? cPanel is a control panel that is founded on web and it is mostly written in Perl. It is used for managing Linux or Windows based web servers and also hosts. cPanel is a great and customizable control panel, which is resisted successfully the test of time, and also there has an […]

Advantages & Disadvantages of Using a CMS for Building Your Website

What is CMS? CMS stand for Content Managemnet System.  It is a web application which delivers all the essential tools to manage online content as well as users. In other words, it is more precisely, a server side software which can facilitates the creation and maintenance of websites. There is a time when  before CMSs, […]