Bluehost Hosting Review :Pros & Cons of Using Bluehost Web Hosting

About Bluehost:

BlueHost is one of the true industry leaders of online website hosting. The company has been launched in business since 1996, which given its incredible records that can also match with few others. The main advantage of this host is that it offers remarkable quality with powerful and safe hosting for a very inexpensive price tag. Either one are looking for his first web host or looking to change his current sites to a more reliable company then I suggest that BlueHost is a great choice for anyone.

Features of Bluehost:

Bluehost can elect the same path and came up with their complete“Platinum Pak” web hosting plan. If there is only one plan being offered by a company then it means it becomes very easy to regulate and in opportunely, many customers will find difficulty in going along with this web host. Some features which included in blue host are:

  • 1500 GB Disk Space
  • Bandwidth of 15000 GB per month
  • Unlimited domains
  • Free domain name registration
  • 1000 FTP accounts
  • MySQL databases
  • Fantastico Script Support
  • SSI and SSH support
  • Support of cPanel
  • 2500 e-mail accounts

Bluehost Shared Hosting:

Bluehost is a shared hosting plans company which is the most popular options. These types of devices are the more affordable than virtual servers because webmasters divided the cost of both the hardware and maintenance. However the loading times of bluehost may sometimes pause or break and security can be a bigger unease. On the other hand, it is good hosting business and also it is a great place to get started.


  • Bluehost’s uptime comes in at industry average like 99.94% over the past twelve months.
  • It is a good price in the middle of the most popular options.
  • The security options of bluehost are good and also posing tools that are some of the most common website risks.
  • It also comes with a dashboard full of applications with various services, like Google Apps.
  • It has a WordPress official site which recently re-made their hosting page.


  • It’s load pages in slow times.
  • The customer support is not very much quick.
  • Bluehost is not free migration host.
  • It is not truly unlimited.


  • Starter Package: $7.99/mo(Without Discount), $3.49/mo(With Discount) and $162(Savingsin 3 yr)
  • Plus Package: $10.99/mo(Without Discount) , $5.95/mo (With Discount) and $181.44(Savings in 3 yr)
  • Business Pro Package: $23.99/mo(Without Discount), $13.95/mo (With Discount) and $361.44(Savings in 3 yr)


Some reviews:

  • Paul Crowe, blogging guru at Spice Up Your Blog

 Paul Crowe

“For my WordPress hosted sites I have gone with Blue Host.I have used HostGator in the past but I find Blue Host provides the best packages for my needs.

They have the easy install of WordPress we expect from all hosting services but also a great uptime record and costumer support.

  • James5/100 September 1, 2016Bluehost

This company is horrible. They were an improvement form godaddy but their reliability and support is subpar. I questioned a renewal bill and was told to “feel free to look elsewhere”. My advise, look elsewhere!

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