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About DreamHost:

DreamHost has begin in 1997 which is extended to host over half a million domains. It was started in California by four computer science majors, and now has a staff of 50 permanent employees which make them one of the best employees in the web hosting industry.It is another highly experienced web host which has been gently growing its viewers until in 2015. Dreamhost compromise not only shared hosting, but also VPS, Cloud and Dedicated Server hosting for individuals and businesses which need them more secure and flexible.

DreamHostHosting Features:

Since 1996, the company has changed with hosting industry technologies. It is also continuously count new features to its fundamental features. DreamHost domain allows you to host and manage unlimited subdomains. You can also generate multiple and deep sites at no extra cost. DreamHost, backup, caching, and database queries perform much faster because of SSD (Solid State Drives). Moreover, it has its own control panel which supports the file manager, MySQL database, and third-party CMS software.

The one of my favorite and best features of dreamhost is the DreamHost Status page. This page is devoted to information about service issues, changes, and updates.


Hosting Package:

There are many other services offer a 30 day refund policy but DreamHost offers a very specific 97 day money back policy which not only gives you enough time to set things up but also feel them out before completely satisfying to a service agreement. If you feel that DreamHost is not for you then you can leave this host. But if you decide to use it then, you are already set up and ready to go.The big disadvantage of its web hosting plans is that there is only one shared plan is available in it which  making it less flexible than the others.


  • The page load time in dreamhost is 32% faster than average competition
  • It is knowledgeable as well as friendly support
  • DreamHost offers the longest money back guarantee in the industry then no others web hosting offer which is the 97 days money back gurantee.
  • It is unlimited
  • It gives away free domain names, free privacy protection for said domain names


  • It is more expensive option than others.
  • It has no cPanel
  • In dreamhost, new customer accounts need to be verified previous to activation.

Some user Reviews:

  • TreffilettiDanilo — 100/100 May 20, 2016 — Everything is perfect

I use Dreamhost services for many years now and have never had any issues that they are unable to solve.

Their systems are fast and efficient, very responsive and with many possibilities of configuration and customization for the experts, but with excellent guides that explain to beginners how to juggle.

The domain management panel, the spaces, the mailboxes and databases is very simple to use and contains useful function “One-Click Install” which allows you to configure in a few seconds the most common software like web forums, wiki, blogs, etc.

  • Dylan — 85/100 May 15, 2016 — Reliable host, confusing pricing

I’ve been with Dreamhost for 2 or 3 years now, and I’ve never had any problems with the hosting.

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