Incapsula Review – Protect & Speed Up Your Website

About Incapsula:

Incapsula is a company that is founded in US. Incapsula is focus on cyber security which creates a powerful and great performance tools. It also dealswith complete cyber security solutions. There is no such different between both cyber securities, both are used for the prevention of internal threats and external cyber-attacks. This company goes successful for three years in a row, 2014 to 2016).

Incapsula is a cloud based application which brings multiple facilities into one combined service which will provide all the enterprise of grade around the website security and also performance improvement to your website. At the moment, Imperva’s product lines is used to help thousands of companies around the world to determine the risks, protect sensitive business data, and fulfill with data protection regulations and check controls.

Essential solutions:

For any web business, Incapsula consists of the following solutions essential:

  • It balancing the load balancing thatconfirm the intelligent distribution of loads between servers.
  • It creativity of the grade website security is to shield your online effects against the cyber-attacks.
  • It also caching and gratifiedthe optimization tools for full site of rushing.
  • It also has the protection against the network and application level DDoS attacks.


Tools in Incapsula:

  • CDN: it is stand for Content Delivery Network;Incapsula is use the capabilities of a content delivery network to enhance the performance of website by identifying all hiding content in which include dynamic content. The intelligent application aware of CDN is a profiling usage patterns and resources of website.
  • Balance Load:it is a real time monitoring which agree to the automatic detection as well as the elimination of outages and idle time.It also capable to prepared the system that will ensure you to stay on top of any security problem that will occur on your site.
  • Security for website:The WAF is customizable. It means that one can put ontheir own security policy within the use of WAF by custom security rules.The two factor authentication with single-click implementation that can manage multiple logins through multiple websites, secures administrative access, remote access, and permits to implement the entrance of boundaries to several websites.
  • DDoS:Incapsulaalso offers the protection against all types of DDoS attacks. Whether these happen on a network level or on an application level. It isan obviousmodificationthat involves 0.1% false positives.

Other Tools:

  • Incapsulaalso increases in user experience by making the use of other tools like content minification, image and file compression, session optimization, TCP optimization and connection pre-pooling.
  • Incapsulaalways run a step extra by preventing the use of your DNS server as a platform for DNS amplification which attacks against others.
  • It also allows you to detect the server of traffic inequalities and take positivemethods to control thepossible problems.

Reason to use Incapsula:

In this advanced technology, there is no such security system which isdifficult to dealwith all the features that is discussed above in one product.Incapsula is surely not product but it is a cloud-based service that provides you all the necessary tools which isprepared with all the desired and manage your e-commerce website. It is also an activated through a simple DNS change and there is no need for software installations, hardware or complex integrations.

Plans and Its Pricing:

Following are the plans that is include in Incapsula:

  • Paid plans include the Pro for professional blogs, with price at $59 per month for a site
  • Business plan for small businesses with price at $299per month for a site.
  • Enterprise plan which is a norm plan that is personalized for your requirements.

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