MaxCDN Review – Why Should You Consider It?

About MaxCDN:

MaxCDN was created in 2009, which is founded in Los Angeles, California. The company has a track record which is proven as a provider of website hastening services. Even though, many big companies like WPEngine, StumbleUpon and 9GAG have chose nits services. MaxCDN has been one of the first company who provide CDN and who just did notemphasis only on the requirements of big companies, but also presented solutions that were replying to the requirements of small business vendors as well as a website who made one person only.

There are a lot of WordPress users, which number is still increasing day by day, choose for their content delivery network solution because it is affordable and ease to use. Though it also hassome complex features.

Features of MaxCDN:

Following are some incredible features in MaxCDN:

  • The purging properties is made through the Control Panel.
  • SSL integration is also made in realtime with the addition of all SSL choicesthat is being alloweddirectly.
  • Realtime also allows to get an understanding into the traffic that you can also make and the behavior of your content.
  • MaxCDN’s log viewer allows to contact your logs via API, Control Panel or command line interface, named byMaxCLI.
  • Another advanced features of MaxCDN is toprovide focus on how your content is delivered and also give you a lot of scope in reinforcing your website’s security as well as integrating the resources of MaxCDN in your applications.
  • The Origin Shield that is include in MaxCDN is caching layer that protects from overload request, makes more efficient the origin requests by filtering multiple requests into a single one and easily handles the requests.
  • VOD Zone, stand for VideoonDemand Zone which is used for running pre-recorded videos and Live Zone for running live videos.
  • It also has the compatibility with multiple CMSs such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, etc.
  • It is easy to use Control Panel;
  • It also has an easy WordPress integration with W3 Total Cache and SuperCache plugins.

Reasons to MaxCDN:

We found many reasons to why you should use MaxCDN, which are as following:

It should be used because:

  • E-commerce websites are one of the most frequently mentioned websites which need a CDN.
  • It offer a firsttime user a bit overawed by the abilities of this service, but the knowledge is offered withcomplete information.
  • It offerstepbystep guides and tutorials which are so much easy to understand even for the less experienced people.
  • It has the scalability, customizability and the forward-looking security features which mean that it is capable of meeting even the demands of enterprise level companies.
  • It also has provide no more endlessly loading pages and no more lost customers due to these very issues (importantly).

Plans and Pricing:

MaxCDN includes 3 subscription plans – the Entrepreneur and the Professional plan  and Custom Plan, as following:

  • The Entrepreneur plan is designed for bloggers and beginners which mostly want to increase speedof their websites.The pricing of this plan is set on the required bandwidth i.e if 100GB bandwidth is $9 per month, 500GB bandwidth is $39/month, and 1TB bandwidth is $79/month.
  • The Professional plan’s price is starts at $299 per month for 5TB. It covers packages up to 25TB. It also demands performance of larger companies, publishers with a steadily growing viewers and web services which can carry small and mediumsized files.
  • The Custom Plan is per gigabyte pricing system, which may be chosen by virus-related content, ad networks, and popular game

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