Top 10 Best Domain Name Generators

The domain name is the address which is type on the web browser when one is trying to entrance in a definite website.A domain name can only be recorded with the help of one individual or one company at a time. Sometime happened that the domain name you want to buy is already registered, so […]

Ultimate Guide to Web Hosting

About website: Website is a collection of files and folders which are related and work together to reduce a webpage. Website can be made from one to thousands of files which is depend on the intricacy of the website. A simple website can be built using HTML. It can be reduced on your computer but […]

What is FTP and How to Use it?

What is FTP? FTP is stands for “File Transfer Protocol”. FTP is the technique to transfer the files over the internet from one computer to another. It is like the communications between two computers. One will need an FTP software to use the FTP. There is much FTP software available in which some are free […]