Ultimate Guide to Web Hosting

About website:

Website is a collection of files and folders which are related and work together to reduce a webpage. Website can be made from one to thousands of files which is depend on the intricacy of the website. A simple website can be built using HTML. It can be reduced on your computer but a difficult site create using PHP or ASP. Website is very easy to built. You can create your own website by learn about all the parts that are needed to make a website.

What Is Domain Name?

The domain name is the address which is type on the web browser when one is trying to entrance in a definite website. A domain name is made with 3 parts. It means, the word dot means, the extension.A domain name can only be recorded with the help of one individual or one company at a time. Some time happened that the domain name you want to buy is already registered, the in that case you can either wait until the current owner leaves it to finish or you can purchase that particular name by contact the owner. However, I suggested that the best choice is to t keep searching for a good domain that is available and register. There is no limitation on domains you can register. Though,the fee of domain name is one year, which have to be paid, or else you will lose the ownership.

When you create a domain name from your computer through the web browser, this starts a connection to the web server through the IP address which is available in the Domain Name Servers.

What Is Web Hosting?

A web hosting is a high end computer, which is particularly built and improved for storing websites and web applications. These servers are mostly located in a datacenter, which is a building and where hundreds of servers are stored. The building will offer the essentialthe protection against fire, unauthorized access of the servers, power generators that will prevent power outages, and connected to a high speed internet through one or more bandwidth.

Different types of hosting:

It is clear that there are many hosting companies who is offering different hosting plans at different prices, the most common hosting are as following:

  • Shared hosting:it is the simplest hosting which are used by maximum customers. And also shared hosting is very reasonable.
  • VPS hosting:VPS stand forVirtual Private Server. It is as same as a shared account, but with a lots of extra features.
  • Dedicated Hosting:it is about hire out the whole web server with all the resources, bandwidth and storage. The cost of a dedicated server is going to start from $120 per month.
  • Cloud Hosting: it is a kind of “new” type of hosting, which has become very common in the last few years.
  • Managed Hosting: it is also often selected by webmasters who do not have the technical knowledge for system or server administration.


How To Create A Website?

A website creation is required the use of many programming language. HTML and CSS are used for a very simple and basic website that is also most common used programming languages. These two languages are also used to figureout a static website. But for a dynamic webpage these languages are also used database. However, PHP or ASP languages are the more advanced language which are used for advanced websites.

But in the case when one are not aware with these programming languages then it is possible to use software, which is now called website builder. There are also many other ways to build a website, for example, a Content Management System or CMS is one of the coolest ways to build a blog, forum, a news portal or website. The most commonCMS is WordPress.

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