What is a VPN? Why You Should Use a Virtual Private Network?

What is VPN?

VPN stand for Virtual Private Network. It is used to help by securing your connection.A VPN will encrypt all the traffic from your device so whenever you are connected to an unsafe Wi-Fi, your traffic is hidden from mean users.

Reasons to use VPN:

In the previous, VPN were used only for businesses, mostly, to protect subtle data and distantto access the network of organization. But nowadays, VPN is can be used by anyone. Actually, many people use a VPN for content of streaming media providers like Netflix or Hulu. It is also hiding browsing activity, avoiding internet censorship, using securely public Wi-Fi hotspots, etc.

How does it work?

When onegenerallyattaches to the internet then the traffic of internet permits through your internet service provider, who is capable to see your traffic. When one connected to a VPN provider’s server then your data move through an encrypted file called“VPN tunnel”. Also, the real IP address of yours will also be secreted and you will be performing to entrée the internet from the IP address of your VPN provider. Consequently, your internet activity can only be found back to your VPN server’s IP address. If your VPN provider is located in another country then you will be performing to control the internet from that country, despite the fact you are not physically found there.

Solutions of VPN:

Following are the top 3 solutions of VPN:

  • Incognito:

IncognitoVPN focus on the privacy and secrecy for the users. It offers 3 plans: Cloak, Disguise, and Anonymous. The Cloak plan includes such as 3 locations, unlimited bandwidth and data transfer, all protocols and 1 device connection at $3.99/month.The Disguise includes all Cloak features, holds 30+ locations and allows 3 device connections at $4.99/month. The Anonymous includes all the Disguise features, Smart DNS. Mac OS, Windows, Android, iOS clients at $5.99/month.

  • Total VPN:

TotalVPN is a VPN service provider with 30+ locations all-inclusive in which most of them are founded in the United States and Europe. It offer two plansa free tier and a Total Premium plan for €4.99 per month. It is also one of the cheapest VPN providers. The Free tier contains 3 locations, limited bandwidth (2 Mbits/second) and data transfer, all protocols, and 1 device connection. Whereas Total Premium Plan includes 30+ locations, unrestricted bandwidth and data transfer, all protocols, 3 device connections and premium proxy.

  • me:

Hide.me is founded in Malaysia. It is VPN service provider with a global network of servers.It offers three plans: Free, Premium, Plus. The Free plan is free without credit in which includes 3 locations, bandwidth and 1 simultaneous connection with limited support of protocol. The Premium plan starts at $11.67/month in which includes 29 locations, unlimited bandwidth and data transfer, full protocol support, 5 simultaneous connections and port forwarding. The last plan, Plus plan at $5.42/month in which includes the number of simultaneous connections, which is limited to 1, no unlimited data transfer and offering only 75GB of data transfer. 


  • VPN can hide your real IP address which can help to avoid leaving a trail of your online activity.
  • VPN can help to control the content by setting your IP address to a precise location a that is accepted by the streaming service.
  • It cab access to the full World Wide Web.
  • You can Safely use open Wi-Fis in it.


  • Your internet will slightly slow down because it depends on the location of the server.
  • VPN will not make you protected to the tracking technologies that is used by websites.
  • IP leaks can still make public your real IP.
  • In some countries like China and Iran, VPN is illegal to use.

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