What is cPanel? Why Should You use cPanel Web Hosting?

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a control panel that is founded on web and it is mostly written in Perl.

It is used for managing Linux or Windows based web servers and also hosts. cPanel is a great and customizable control panel, which is resisted successfully the test of time, and also there has an active community ahead it. It can also help to overwhelm any type of problems or any difficulties that rise for the duration of the use of cPanel. I must say that one can truly get an access of cPanel installation based on a web browser. The address of the cPanel will be specified by your server or hosting provider.

cPanelalso permitsto users to control such things like email addresses, domain names, databases, different PHP versions and almost every part of a web server. Therefore, it is making cPanel possible to manage all types of hosted services in a single place. The interface of cPanel has been developed over the years, again and again. And the interface also can be modified by the web hosting company who is offering the services, but on the whole they have the some main sections in which included:

  • Preferences
  • Mail
  • Files
  • Database
  • Domains
  • Security
  • And Logs.

cPanel Features:

there are many features include in cPanel, which are as following:

  • The initiative and high level of features in cpanel are multi-server management and the support of IPV6 support.
  • In the Mail section of cPanel, one can associatea new email accounts, forwarders and also fine tune SpamAssasin settings, manage mail list and define catch all email addresses and many more.
  • Below the Domain,one can find the Simple Zone Editor due to which the Zones editing can be achieved easily.
  • The another nice feature of cPanel is the Database area in which the management of MySQL databases from a web interface is pretty useful
  • cPanel also offer very useful backup system in which one can be found generally under the File section.
  • cPanel also offer a well-documented JSON API with handy clients in PHP and PERL.
  • It supports a command line API client which is called cpapi2.
  • One can generally choose the version of a particular software according to their choice with just a few clicks.
  • It has an easy to set up Basic Auth based folder password protection,
  • It is an easy to use SSL setup with self-signed certificates and CSR generation.

Reason to use cPanel:

If you have your own a dedicated server or a VPS and also you reflect using cPanel either for yourself or for any other clients then you must understand that the cost for a VPS is $20 per month or $200 per year. Whereas for a dedicated server cost is $45 per month and $425 per annum. There are many trusted hosting companies which will dealwith you a cPanel based hosting control panel for free, and also there are some clients who will only choose a given hosting provider who has cPanel.

cPanel Hosting Providers:

  • eHost Review – best for small websites – $2.75 /mo
  • InMotion Review – best for small and medium business sites – $4.19/ mo
  • BlueHost Review – best for business and WordPress hosting- $3.95/ mo

Hosting resources:

One can always see the existing resource usage like bandwidth, storage, number of FTP or Email accounts, number of databases, number of sent emails, etc. there are some hosting providers who associate the email based alerts, so you can find fast action. This will help you to have a rich, clear and general idea of your hosting resources as well as control their allocation.

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