What is DDoS and How to Protect Your Website?

What is DDoS?

DDoS is illegal in some countries like US. Even though one can also discover and purchase services which will perform a DDoS attack against someone’s website. I suggest you that you should never use such type of service. Also, you should report about these attacks to your local police.Not all the web hosts will have a problem with DDoS attack, because there is the chance that the targeted website may be inaccessible.

Symptoms – How to fix if DDoS Attack?

There is a list of symptoms for DDoS attacks. These are the same symptoms which may also act when your web host has hardware or Internet issues, which are as following:

  • The website may load slower.
  • The website of connection is act strangely.
  • High amount of emails are received
  • High amount of accounts, posts, topics and other spam activities.

Protect the Site Against the Attacks of DDoS:

There are more than a few ways to protect your website from DDoS attacks, as following:

  • You should choose the proper Internet Service Provider or ISP that has the proper hardware and a contract agreement with your web host.
  • One should have a cloud mitigation provider which offers you DDoS mitigation from the cloud with lot of bandwidth and mitigation capacity
  • The use of IDS orIntrusion Detection System (IDS) to discover anomalies regarding traffic
  • One can buy the spare bandwidth which can handle various points in the traffic.
  • The use of an application front end hardware which studiesthe data packets and identifies the danger.
  • The use of DDS based protection which can block connection that is based on the attack of DDoS.
  • The use of an application level Key Completion Indicators to specifythe incoming traffic is real or may be not.
  • The use of black holing process which can sends all the attacks to a null interface.
  • The use of a sink holing process which can routes the traffic and discards bad packets.
  • One can uses various methods to have a cleaning center such as proxies, tunnels, and circuits separating legitimate traffic from the bad one.
  • One can capturedthe sign using a Linux workstation which can process the flow of packets and snoop program to apprehension them.
  • One can also contact the law enforcement and requesting them to help you.

Software to protect against DDoS:

There ismany software which can help you to protect your website against DDoS attacks, as following:

  • CloudFlare: it offers the protection against DDoS attacks in all forms of sizes and support. It also protectedyour site more than 2 million websites and the largest DDoS attack was stopped about 600Gbps.
  • Secure64 DNS Authority: itoffers DNS DDoS mitigation protecting from DNS servers and bandwidth. Also, it can detect the high volume of DDoS attacks which is allowing you to make certain the availability of your DNS even eliminating the large number and the need for dedicated network security equipment.
  • FortGuard Anti-DDoS Firewall: it offers the most accurate and highest performance of protection against attacks, built-in IPS, protection against SYN, arp spoofing, port scan, SQL injection and TCP Flooding, TCP flow control, packets filtering, IP whitelist and blacklist, Proxy management and log records.
  • DDoS Protector: it can blocks DDoS attacks within seconds with multi-layered protection and also offers up to 40 Gbps performance. This software also uses new techniques and traditional ones with the purpose of block in a wide range of attacks and having advanced challenge techniques.
  • FortiWeb Application Firewall: it offers multiple DoS and DDoS-specific protection policies, network and application layer protection, HTTP and HTTPS protection and response protection and Geo IP Analysis.

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