What is FTP and How to Use it?

What is FTP?

FTP is stands for “File Transfer Protocol”. FTP is the technique to transfer the files over the internet from one computer to another. It is like the communications between two computers. One will need an FTP software to use the FTP. There is much FTP software available in which some are free and some are saleable. If one is building a website, faster or later then he will need to upload some files to your server. There are many different ways to upload files for your website. However, FTP is the quickest and most suitable way is to use.

Concept of FTP:

The ideabehind each FTP software is essentially the same such as:

  • There will be two windows in which one shows the files from your home computer and other shows the files from the web server.
  • Now these two windows can communicate with each other with drag anddrop commands or with click.
  • Now to connect with a web server, you will have to set of contacts with the login information from the beginning because without this you cannot upload or download files from a server by the use of FTP.

FTP differs from HTTP:

  • FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, While HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol.
  • FTP is a connection way to designed for transferring files from a remote server to local computer like one to another. Whereas HTTP agree to transfers files but it is not as strong as FTP transfers.
  • FTP is also used in business and academic settings, and also it is the most important way of managing servers of webpage.

How to use FTP software?

When you have installed the FTP program according to your choice, then you will need to arrange the joining. To join to your web server, you will need an FTP host, user name and password. This information willgenerallysendthrough email. If your hosting plan allows you having multiple FTP accounts then you can easily create a new account via cPanel. For example, InMotion hosting and BlueHostagree to you to have as many FTP accounts as you want.

When all the necessary data is done, then just create a new connection in the FTP program and save it. The software of FTP will always remember this connection and you can easily connect to your server by your account whenever you want.

Common use of FTP:

  • FTTP is use in many web builders sites but if you are using WordPress or Joomla then images can be uploaded through the media manager, so it is necessary to upload it through FTP. There are also some restrictions in size and amount of files you can upload at a time inJoomla and WordPress. So if you want to upload it in substancethen it will only be possible through FTP software.
  • The another example is to rename files, for example the abc.txt file to .abc to enable search engine friendly URLs and mod rewriting.The search engines like Google are corroboration file which can also be uploaded through FTP.
  • FTP can also helpyou for your website or moving a website to a new server

Tricks and tips with FTP:

When uploading files in main part, it will take few minutes or may be some hours to upload a large number of files to your web server. The trick you must know that one large file can be uploaded faster than multiple small files. So to speed things up, you can merge the files into a .zip file. This process is much faster than uploading each file individually.

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