What is SSL?

What is SSL?

SSL stand for Secure Sockets Layer. It is the precursor of TLS, Transport Layer Security, but both are cryptographic procedures which are mostly and generally used at the security of communications in computer network. SSL is also used in such other networking sites or functions such as web browsing, faxing, email, VoIP and at large business and community websites such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Yahoo etc.

Use of SSL:

SSL is used in many such websites in which include online shops, bank software and service providers. SSL is used to put the information into code which is needed to make a payment or to make other financial communications.

SSL is also used in other software such as Yahoo Messenger, Trillian, Skype  which offer login forms and also has option to buy an extra content with Steam, League of Legends, Smite which are used to buy games.

How SSL workings?

The user enters a website that connects to a server which is secured with SSL. On that situation, you can see that the address of the website starts with https://, try to start with HTTP://. The Browser can also demands the identification of data from the server. Then the servers agree the request that is sending a copy of its SSL Certificate and browser proves the certificate. But if the certificate is valid then the browser sends back a symmetric session key.

Server sends back the responsein appropriate manner to start the secure session with the browser with the key he got. The communicatebetween both server and browser are now together in a secure environment.

Types of attacks against SSL:

There are many types of attacks against SSL in which include:

  • Beast attack
  • Breach attack
  • Crime attack
  • Timing attack
  • Downgrade attack
  • Bar mitzvah attack
  • Renegotiation attack
  • Poodle attack
  • Truncation attack
  • Version rollback attack
  • Freak attack
  • Stripping attack
  • Rc4 attack
  • Berserk attack


SSL Certificates:

The certificates of SSL are as following:

  • Comodo:It offers EV SSL Certificates at the cost $99 for a year and the Wildcard SSL Certificates which price is start from $404.95. It offer30day money back guarantee, support, unlimited server licenses, 256-bit encryption, point-to-verify technology.
  • Symantec:It has EV SSL Certificates from $995 and also Pro EV SSL Certificates from $1499. It includes some features such as credentials, data encryption, and extended protection and many more.
  • GoDaddy: Itprovide 24/7 support, security experts, strongest encryption, automatic setup and security closure with SSL Certificates at $63 on the year and $70 when you reintroduce.
  • DigiCert:It cost $175 to $595 on a year and have features such as 2048bit, 128bit, 256bit encryption, and TLS compatible and mobile devices compatibility. It also offersecure closure, unlimited server license and strong authentication.


  • NameCheap: It cost $87 a year and has site seal, browser ubiquity, encryption level, and top-tier support.

Types of SSL Certificates:

There are following types of SSL Certificates available:w

  • EV, stand for Extended Validation which is used for high security in browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 7+, Opera 9.5+, and Google Chrome and many other.
  • Organization Validation, it is also used for company websites which can show different information about the company.
  • Domain Validation, which can shares the same browser recognition with the Organization Validation.
  • Shared Certificates, It delivered free on all of shared and reseller web hosting.
  • Wildcard Certificates, itallow SSL encryption using a single certificate on unlimited subdomains.
  • MultiDomain Certificates, Itmake to secure up to 210 domains with a single certificate.
  • Other certificates are Single-name SSL Certificates, Server Authentication Certificates, Unified Communications (UC) Certificates, and Low assurance certificates, Code signing Certificates, Email Certificates, and Root signing Certificates.

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