Why You Should Avoid Free Webhosting?

Free Webhosting are cheap. In other words, it is free that is why it is called free web hosting. There are many such free webhosting companies who uses this free model to encourage their premium service. The whole world knows that the reason behind wonderful development of blogosphere is because of the awesome free hosting services like blogspot, Geocities, wordpress.com, typepad etc. But in current years, many companies who offer around free hosts that do not seem good as it sounds.I will tell you the 5 good reasons why you avoid free webhosting, which are as following:

  1. Example of yahoo Geocities:

Yahoo Geocities closed  to provide their service on April 2009 because at that period, they told that the new registrations would not be accepted but the old domains will remain open and perform their functional and upgrading to Yahoo’s paid hosting. It was recommended. In appropriately far along, Yahoo asked to transfer all the data before October 26, 2009 and also it said that: GeoCities is not being take out but it is going to be deleted. This means any data whether it is not personally backed up by its owners or the readers, it  will not be recoverable forever.

  1. Can’t sell your blog:

Another reason behind the NO FREE WEB HOSTING and I must say it will be hard to digest that reason. The truth is, your free hosted blog is not your own property, it mean you can’t sell it. For example, read the terms and conditions of blogspot which you get from web hosting, It is clearly tells that you can’t sell, share, and transfer your blogspot blog to any other person.

  1. no control on server resources:

The another basic reason is to now control on server resources. You don’t have control on your blog server resources. If your blog comes popular in digg, delicious or in some other one like that then your blog will certainly fall.When a more popular digg user acquiesced one of my posts, on the other hand, I hit the front page of Digg, and it was a rush. Until, my server crashed from all the traffic which was really unacceptable.

  1. No Safety:

I don’t tell this threat you again & again or make this post lengthy. I tell this from the real happenings of online in the current years. Free hosting service providers can’t spend the cash as much on the issues of security.Also, users started their blog in it but their servers were hacked rigorously by hacking experts. I even have their email when they sent me after some days of hack.

  1. Don’t fall on Non-guaranteed promises of free domain;

Don’t fall in any or some attractive advertisements because no one will give you anything free without expecting some returns and also not the same as they advertise it, immediately or later.They can close their service at any time they want or change it to paid model. If they shut down their website then your blog will also shut down even if you host it on your own server.

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