WordPress or Blogger: Which CMS is Better?

What is CMS?

The CMS stand for Content Management System that is an online software that is user friendly and planned with having one or more of the functions such as: generating a web site, broadcasting, editing and deleting content and creating multiple users to manage the precise website. In this article, we discuss top 2 Content Management System: WordPress and Blogger


Blogger is a CMS which is produced by Google in Python and launched on August 23, 1999. It is obtain able with multiple languages which can offers tools to create, edit, delete content, host and subdomain name. Blogger is used especially by role blogs because it is user-friendly and doesn’t have a lot of choices where you can get lost.


WordPress is a multi-purpose CMS which can be used in such option: blog software, content management system, content management framework, forum, presentation website, online application, and online shop, being cross-platform and many more. It is used by more than 60 million websites. WordPress is the most popular free CMS which is created in PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML and Javascript. It was formed by the WordPress Foundation on May 27, 2003, the last stable versions of WordPress is 4.4.2 which is released on February 2, 2016, despite the fact that the last beta 4.5 was released on February 25, 2016.


Difference between WordPress and Blogger:

  • WordPress contains a lot of themes while Blogger contains only few ones.
  • WordPress offers thousands of useful pluginswhereas Blogger offers only custom widgets.
  • One can manage multiple blogs in the same hostwith one WordPress, whereas Blogger, only need an account to accomplish multiple blogs.
  • There is presented a small forum and some documentation in bloggerbut there are presented thousands of tutorials, guides, reviews, previews, theme and plugin demos, user ratings, forums and many more in WordPress.
  • Blogger join in with Google Toolbar and Google AdSense whereas WordPress need other plugins.
  • Blogger get the benefits from the security of Google so spams can beuninvolvedwhereas WordPress get the benefits for the protection of the web hosting company where one canaccepted the hosting package.
  • One can create unlimited blogs using wordpress whereas Blogger has a limitation of 100 blogs per account.
  • You can almost use 1GB of pictures using Picasa in Blogger whereas WordPress you have the space tobuy from the host.
  • Blogger isn’t friendly with a lot of other similar CMS but WordPress dealswith export and import functions for moving your site.
  • The size of pages is limited or 1MB in blogger whereas WordPress doesn’t have this issue.
  • One can edit the templates, but don’t have FTP access in bloggerbutWordPress have FTP access and also cPanel access.
  • One can need a Google Account to access for Blogger, but for WordPress one can use any email.
  • Blogger has a limited number of tools whereas WordPress have almost unlimited number of tools
  • Blogger offers you a free storage space whereas WordPress is a self-hosted version where you can buy a hosting package.

Similarities between WordPress and Blogger:

  • WordPress is a, a self-hosted version which can be downloaded and installed on your host using MySQL database and also FTP. FTP of WordPress is similar with Blogger.
  • WordPress and Blogger are more mobile friendly.
  • WordPress and Blogger have no limit on the posts.
  • There arealso no limitsas regardsto the pages on both WordPress and Blogger.
  • BothCMS are the proprietors of the website which are the developers of the specific content management system.
  • WordPress and Blogger, both are SEO optimized by evasion

Which CMS is better?

If you really want to know that which CMS is better then according to my experience, the answer is WordPress however between WordPress the blog host and Blogger the answer is the same but the winner is WordPress.

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